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The Millennials Aiming for Greatness

I sat with an elder this past week who said to me, “You millennials are so geared toward be the best.” It was funny to hear him, only 42 years old, talking about the advantages of the generation following him. The thought stuck out to me because, in my mind, everyone should aim to be the best. The idea that the millennials were the first generation to do it was unbelievable.

The more he spoke, the more he made me realize the millennial generation is the first generation to outnumber the baby boomers. Our numbers, combined with being in the age of information and technology, does indeed put us ahead in the race for greatness. If we all banned together, we could make political and economic changes that can change the entire of face of capitalism (just an example of our power). 

The trick we millennials have to remember is with great power comes great responsibility. We will be expected to be greater than those before us because we now have the opportunity to do so. Every day we see that there is a new young entrepreneur doing something fantastic that was near impossible 50 years ago.
Moziah Bridges, CEO of Mo’s Bows since he was 12 years old
David Knapp, Creator of Tumblur social media platform, now only 29 years old
Leanna Archer, founder of Leanna inc haircare line, founded company at 11 years old

With our access to social media we are constantly aware of those succeeding around us. This can do one of two things to our psyche as millennials – we can use it to empower us or to destroy us.

We in this generation have to stay above the intimation and focus on the greatness. Other generations are looking at us to be amazing. Not only because we can, but because for the first time in a long time, there are less barriers to see our goals. Our ancestors want to smile down on us. They want to know the paths they rooted into the ground for us to follow were worthy of our steps.

We have an obligation to leave to live the lives we want to live, and live them successfully. Not only for ourselves, but for our ancestors, and for our children. We have to tools to build greatness. 

Talk to you soon,