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Branding Yourself for You with Donna Canty as our Feature

Branding is the idea of giving something an identity or a spirit that is recognized everywhere. Many slogans and labels are being recognized for the companies behind them. Others are branding themselves as individuals to give themselves a label all their own. Donna Canty (Detroit, MI), free spirit and innovator, has taken branding herself to another level. She has given herself a name to be recognized and a creed to live by.


Donna created her brand to fill a need she noticed around her. Her brand is WizeOwlzBringInTOBeing640. The name of her brand stems from a few different places: links to her favorite scriptures, to her favorite animal, and even the exact time of day she realized where her brand was needed.

Donna noticed the darkness swarming around her and decided it was time to turn on the light. That light represents hope, wisdom, and building habits to help shift the lives around her. WizeOwlzBringIntoBieng640 is a brand that represents the light we all need on our darkest days.


Even her logo is a creation of pure abstract energy that represents her acceptance of her own personality and mindset. Donna knows that people need to accept themselves as something grander than they realize they are. She hopes to inspire those around her to, more than anything, be themselves and bring the light forward.

As the creator of WizeOwlzBringIntoBieng640, Donna encourages everyone the brand themselves once they have a positive message to share. She wants everyone to turn lemons into lemonade and pass out full glasses to those around them.