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STEM vs STEAM: What do YOU choose?


Many of us have heard of STEM school programs. STEM school programs cover career opportunities that are in high demand including the science, technology, engineering, and math fields.  With technology becoming so vital in our workforce today, these elements of education must be taught to give our children the chance to achieve success. 

However, some parents and teachers are calling for STEAM programs vs. STEM programs. STEAM includes the arts as an essential tool that students have the right to utilize. Some people vote STEAM and other vote STEM in their schools. Some claim art isn’t nearly as important as the core components of STEM, and others say that art is as valuable for our children as the other subjects.

STEM programs have more emphasis on the basics. It focuses on understanding how all the components play a role with one another, and how knowing enough about each subject can give you the best careers in this growing technology world.

STEAM programs tend to be more abstract and add a little spice to the remaining subjects. Some STEAM programs use the arts as a tool to teach skills such as creative entrepreneurship or digital production.

We want to hear your thoughts! Do the arts belong in a STEM world or is STEAM just as valuable for our schools to incorporate? Many schools have chosen their side, which program would you want your children to be involved in?

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