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Larry Hand - Becoming a Mentor

After taking a few lessons from Bill Roddy, co-founder of the Osiris Organization, Larry knew it was time to put the pieces together to create his own mentoring program. Larry has begun the foundation work for his mentoring company “Hands Family Mentoring”. He has an idea and is working on the plan to unfold this initiative.

While Larry was coming up from the hard times of his adolescence, he knew he would not have found success without the great people and programs accessible for him. He was a kid going against the odds in order to become more than a negative statistic. He is looking to help kids, who were just like him, develop themselves professionally and personally.

Larry plans to create scholarships, entrepreneurship programs, computer technology programs, and even an internship for his construction company.

“It is important to show and promote mentorship. If no one had mentored me, I wouldn’t have had the courage to begin my own journey.” – Larry Hand

Larry plans to launch “Hands Family Mentoring” in 2018. At this point he would love to have a safe place for his mentees to rest and relax. Larry plans investing in a house that is helps kids get away from negative influences and grow into their own selves. This will be the biggest project he will take on and it plans to use this initiative to make his mark in a lot of lives.