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Larry Hand - An Osiris Organization Success Story

The Osiris Organization’s founders, Bill and Gail Roddy, have helped adolescents turns their lives from something expected, to something extraordinary. Larry Hand, one of the mentees of the Osiris Organization entrepreneur program was in some trouble during his own adolescent years.

While Larry was incarcerated in a juvenile dentition center, Larry, and the boys sentenced around him, would get frequent visits from co-founder Bill Roddy. Bill would encourage the boys to play business skill building games such as “Rat Race” and “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. During those sessions is where Larry learned how to become an entrepreneur.


 “Bill gave me a way to not turn back crime. He gave me a future,”
Larry said. 

Once Larry was released, he reached out to Bill to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. Bill helped Larry establish his work ethic by employing him to work in one of his computer labs located in the Powderhorn Park of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Larry then was awarded a scholarship to Minneapolis Community Technical College where he earned his Associates degree.

Larry has now become the owner and operator behind Hands Construction LLC and associated company Hands Commercial Cleaning. Larry has also begun to take charge of his community and create a mentorship program. Learn more about Larry’s work at wwwhandsconstructionllc.com.

If you would like to see Bill Roddy make a change if your life, or the life of someone close to you, please click the Contact tab on our website and reach out us with questions!