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Be The Mentor You Want to See in the World

Mentors come in the strangest forms through the roughest storms. They float into your life on a thundering cloud so they can should you how to find sunshine again. It’s important that we recognize our mentors and show those around us how one nice word, thought, or message can change a life.

Actress Diane Amos expresses her love for her mentor in the video below. Although the acknowledgement is short, it is sweet to hear. One woman changed one life with a little bit of faith and kindness.

We at Osiris wanted to share this moment with you so that you could understand the impact you could make on another life.  You could be the stranger that changes a situation from catastrophic to sensational!

You can do wonders with the tone of your voice, the honesty in your eyes, and the brightness of your smile. All you have to do is reach out your hand to someone and say “Without a doubt, I believe you can achieve greatness”.

At Osiris, we work on a daily mission to inspire the people inside and outside of our community. You can help us succeed in that mission by reaching out to someone in need. Whether a friend, spouse or stranger – you can change a life. Don’t let the opportunity to inspire pass by you.