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A Note About Mentors

Your mentor is coming.

We at Osiris Organization know that in today’s time, a friendly face, a kind word, or a positive gesture can go a long way to elevate stress and inspire motivation. We were made to believe that strength and courage come with overcoming obstacles. No one wants to make you face those obstacles alone in order to overcome them.  

The most important thing about finding a mentor is accepting the idea that a mentor could help you. Mentors come in all forms through all avenues in our lives. They can show up at our jobs or someone can send a person to us.

The important thing to remember is that you are worth someone’s time and energy. If you feel as if your life is going to plan, now is the perfect time to mentor another person in the right direction.

You can change to world, one person at a time, or someone can change your world.

Please watch the beginning of this woman’s journey about how her mentor gave her a new outlook on life. Share it with anyone who could use a boost in his or her life.