Young Entrepreneurial Development

Young entrepreneurs have a special power within them. They are driven. They are intelligent. They are ready to make a difference in the business world and they are not going to let their age stop them.

The tricky thing about being a young entrepreneur is learning how to have fun and stay focused on your goals. Short term and long term goals help keep our youth focused. They also help make our youth feel proud with every step they take to accomplish their goals.

At Osiris Organization, we mentor our young entrepreneurs to have a business mindset, but also remember to have fun doing what they love. Entrepreneurs create their own enterprises because they want to do something they enjoy, and they want to do something no one else does. Our goal at Osiris Organization is to make sure that they reach their goals for personal and professional development.

Below is a video that should be passed on to every classroom, every mentoring group, and every business. This video talks about the truth of structuring yourself to be successful in your business ventures. Although it is aimed at young entrepreneurial development, there are many adults who could benefit from the tips in this video.


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Justin Ruark
Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Justin Ruark
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