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Happy Father's Day!

Today is the day to give the men in your life the admiration they deserve. There are many men who have not had children of their own, but have stepped up to the plate when a child needed them.

The men surrounding us have all given us something of extraordinary value at one point in our lives; otherwise, they wouldn’t be in our lives! That value was presented in more forms than one. We’ve seen it presented as words, gifts, actions, touches and time. Each moment has been saved so that we may give that same affection to our own children someday.

This Father’s Day is special because today we are going to give our love to our fathers, uncles, brothers, friends, elders, and mentors.  Any man who has made a difference in your life has fathered your spirit. They made you a priority. They have protected and provided for you as a man should.

We must dedicate the time to love our fathers, our men, for they took the time to love us. They have forever altered us and they should see the wonders they have created.